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   Smartstone (Shanghai) Sensing & Control Tech Co., Ltd. is an innovative hi-tech company, mainly serving aerospace, automotive, energy, high-speed train, off-the-road vehicle, test & measurement, Internet Of Things (IOT) and other high-tech industries. We are proud of our world-class engineers who excel in the designs, research & development, testing, production of sensors and electronic systems integration and development. Most of our engineers have post graduates or P.H.D education background and more than 10 years of research and development experiences in sensors and electronics in global well recognized multinational companies. Regarding the sensor manufacturing process and quality assurance, we have world-class expertise with innovative spirit of pursuing perfection to provide high performance products with first class reliability to our customers. Our main products cover all types of high end sensors, including PE/IEPE type vibration accelerometers, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, speed sensors, temperature sensors, LVDT, RVDT, etc, as well as some sensor calibration systems, signal conditioners, amplifiers and some sensor cables.

  “Let picky customer be satisfied and let satisfied customer be picky” is our customer service tenet. We continuously improve our customer service quality to satisfy the deeper needs of our customer. We believe there is no picky customer, only inappropriate product and non-matched service.

   Our great talents is our first competency; our value chain integration strength is our systematic competency; technology innovation, concept innovation, process innovation is our continuous competitiveness. Building up the first class brand and company management system as well as our unique company culture is our core competency. Our ultimate goal is to form a top brand company with great innovation capability, and lead the trend of future technology.